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Language & Culture

alpha beta piccadilly is a co-operative founded in 1987 to promote intercultural communication and encourage language learning in South Tyrol.

At alpha beta piccadilly languages are not considered in an abstract way, but rather in the context of the people who speak them, the content they express and the notions they refer to. The link between language, culture and society is at the centre of our work, which covers four main areas:

1. sprachen / lingue / languages

Language courses for children and adults in South Tyrol and around the world
Language courses for companies and public bodies
Autonomous learning
Language certificates

2. teacher training

Training and development for language teachers

3. research & development

Applied research
Conferences and seminars on language teaching and learning and on interculturalism

4. verlag / edizioni / publications

Language teaching
Teaching materials
Border literature
alpha beta piccadilly
39012 Meran / Merano
Sandplatz / Piazza della Rena, 2
Tel. 0473 210 650
Fax 0473 211 595

Please click here to find our office in Meran / Merano.

alpha beta piccadilly
39100 Bozen / Bolzano
Talfergasse / Via Talvera, 1A
Tel. 0471 978 600
Fax 0471 979 940

Please click here to find our office in Bozen / Bolzano.

alpha beta piccadilly is officially recognised
as an educational institution by the Autonomous
Province of Bozen / Bolzano - South Tyrol.