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130 Oggetti


Tea time - Russian style


Students in one of our Russian courses last week enjoying themselves while chatting by the samovar.


ISO certified


Following the recent external assessment, alpha beta piccadilly is now UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Alpha & Beta Co-operative AGM


40 members of the alpha beta piccadilly co-operative attended the AGM at the end of April, where the balance from 2009 and the plan for 2010 were presented and discussed.


First aid


Last week the Croce Bianca held a first aid course at a school in Bolzano / Bozen for those teachers and other staff who will be working on our various camps this summer.


Teacher training


Some of our German teachers hard at work during a workshop held in Bolzano / Bozen today by Georg Stoumbos on preparing students for the Goethe-Institut B 2 exam.


Kids' Corner


Since the middle of March, 12 children have been learning German in a playful manner attending Kids' Corner in Merano / Meran and this afternoon they had the chance to show their paces, singing songs and playing games with their parents and grandparents.


Teacher training


Some of our English teachers enjoying themselves earlier today during a workshop held by Inger Tan-Dietrich on using mental imagery in the classroom.


Cambridge exams


The results for the March 2009 session for the First Certificate in English and the Certificate in Advanced English of the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations have just been published. 93% of the candidates passed the exams


Bilingual exam in prison


16 prisoners have taken and passed the South Tyrolean bilingual exams (1 level A, 3 level B & 12 level D) over the last few days at the prison in Bolzano / Bozen.


"La via della Qualità"


An article on the development of alpha beta piccadilly and quality management has just been published by the Associazione Italiana Cultura Qualità (AICQ) in their magazine Qualità .


130 Oggetti