Edizioni alphabeta Verlag is an integral part of the overall philosophy of alpha beta piccadilly, part of our global educational and cultural project in a multilingual, multicultural and intercultural area.

Edizioni alpha beta Verlag is therefore also a border publishing house,  working for 30 years in South Tyrol and producing books in the two major local languages, German and Italian, with some parts of our publications also being in other languages.

Our publishing activity started with the publication of teaching material for language learning, with essays and research papers on topics such as language acquisition , sociolinguistics and interculturalism. Since then we have also published a series of novels in German and Italian and are becoming increasingly established with publications in the field of mental health.

You can find our latest catalogue here.

An overview of our publications:

Language & culture

contact: languages and culture in contact

- Glottodidattica: innovative approaches to language

- Materialien: didactic material  - communicative language learning and teaching

- WeiBi: essays on adult leaning

- docu: projects and intercultural research

- Alto Adige ... e altro: South Tyrol and other topics

- territorio gesellschaft: reflections on borders



Novels and short stories (including poetry ) which deal with the issue of borders in their many different forms: geography, identity, psychology, anthropology and so on.

Mental health

180 Archivio critico della salute mentale

A series of Italian books primarily concerned with the current debate on the Franco Basaglia reform .

Our Quality standards