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Summer & Languages 2021: online and face-to-face!

Even though this summer will probably be different to those that have gone before, we remain true to our basic principles; at alpha beta piccadilly children are able to join the world of languages in a highly enjoyable way. Through various leisure activities, they can improve their knowledge of English, German or Italian following the motto "learning by doing", experiencing the target language in authentic situations and immediately making use of what they have learned.

This summer our programme includes both face-to-face and online courses and camps. Regardless of whether they attend a summer camp or an intensive course, or whether it is digital or "analogue", your children will be in good hands. Our teaching teams will use their wealth of experience and native speaker skills to accompany your children into the world of languages. We look forward to seeing you!

Corona pandemic measures
The current safety regulations can change at short notice. We therefore ask for your understanding should there be any changes, e.g. in the program or the group composition. In any case, we will do our best to ensure those attending our courses immerse themselves as carefreely as possible in the world of languages ​​while observing any measures that might apply in summer.


Languages and games are the central focus of our unique summer nursery school "Halli hallo...Ciao ciao...Bye bye". The children get a soft introduction to the German or Italian language in a very relaxed atmosphere. In addition, for an hour day they also do English through songs and nursery rhymes. In this way, the children really experience the diversity of language. The course teachers are supported by a team of experts and entertainment staff, ensuring that the activities are done in a way suitable for the age group.

Where: Bozen / Bolzano. Kindergarten "Airone" (Via Aostastrasse 43)
When:  05. - 30.07.2021 (7.30 - 14.30) The children can be enrolled for any number of weeks

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We believe that language is so much more than rules and vocabulary. We focus on the children and their interests - it's their summer vacation, after all! This is why we combine German, English and Italian with fun free time activities. The children go swimming, riding or on excursions and use the target language for what it is there for: to communicate with others! In this way they improve their language skills without even realizing it. Qualified, expert didactic teams create a relaxed atmosphere in which the children can experiment with language without fear of making mistakes.
Our strengths:
ü 'learning by doing' approach
ü qualified, experienced teachers with native language skills
ü Age-specific small groups
ü All-day offers with lunch included
In this course the students immerse themselves in the Italian language through playful activities such as singing and games. Focus will be on speaking, reading and writing activities to reinforce their vocabulary and grammar. The activities are adapted to the respective age. For elementary school children, the classification is based on the class attended, for middle school and high school children on the basis of a placement test.

All you need to attend the course is a computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.

Intensive German Courses (online and face-to-face)

Intensive Italian Courses (online)
Intensive Italian Courses (face-to-face)

Intensive English Courses (online)
​Intensive English Courses (face-to-face)

All other information can be found in our coursefinder.

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