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German Summer camps

Dive into the playful and creative world of languages! The cornerstone of our fun projects for Young Learners is fun, active and natural language use. As well as German, we also offer Italian and English camps and courses. Take a look at our 2021 summer programme! Enrolments are already open!

German & Schwimming

Two week of fun in the water and learning German in the Egna/Neumarkt Lido
Target group: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Junior School

A fun two weeks of games, creative activities and swimming in German outside in the fresh air and sunshine! Language games and movement on the lawns alternate with swimming lessons in German. The group is accompanied, taught and supervised by an expert German teacher and a German speaking swimming instructor. Lunch is eaten in the Lido Restaurant. In case of rain, alternative activities will be organised. Every morning the children can go directly to the Lido, or be accompanied by a teacher to the Lido from Bolzano. Meeting point: Piazza Vittoria/Siegesplatz.

All other information on this camp can be found from January on in our coursefinder.

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German & Adventure in the woods

Bilingual summer camp
Target group: 5th Junior school and 1st and 2nd class of Middle school

This camp is the perfect combination of language and nature. The idyllic location above Lana and is completely closed to traffic. Children of German and Italian mother tongue spend a week together living in the Merano Youth Service holiday house. The morning is dedicated to linguistic preparation for the rest of the day. The children enjoy a wide range of fun activities outside in the fresh air, in the woods and around the campfire They work together throughout the day making new friends and helping one another. Special attention is payed to making sure that both languages are practiced and that the children help each other overcome linguistic barriers and learn from each other under the supervision of expert teachers. All other information on this camp can be found from January on in our coursefinder.

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