Summer & Languages 2023

Why choose alpha beta piccadilly?
  • a wide range of language camps and courses in German, Italian, Spanish or English throughout the summer
  • languages + fun activities in authentic learning situations = Learning by doing
  • qualified and experienced didactic teams with native-speaker language skills
  • age-specific small groups
  • all-day offers including lunch
You can find an quick overview of our summer programme here.
Detailed information can be found in the summer brochure.

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Languages and games are the central focus of our unique summer nursery school "Halli hallo...Ciao ciao...Bye bye". The children get a soft introduction to the German or Italian language in a very relaxed atmosphere. In addition, for an hour day they also do English through songs and nursery rhymes. In this way, the children really experience the diversity of language. The course teachers are supported by a team of experts and entertainment staff, ensuring that the activities are done in a way suitable for the age group.

Where: Bozen / Bolzano. Nursery school "Martin Knoller" (via Martin-Knoller-Strasse 5)
When: 26.06. - 04.08.2023 (ore 7.30 - ore 15.00). The children can be enrolled for any number of weeks.
Cost: € 85,00 per week (lunch included), 10% discount for enrolments of more than one week.

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We believe that language is so much more than rules and vocabulary. We focus on the children and their interests - it's their summer vacation, after all! This is why we combine German, Italian, Spanish and English with fun free time activities. The children go swimming, riding or on excursions and use the target language for what it is there for: to communicate with others! In this way they improve their language skills without even realizing it. Qualified, expert didactic teams create a relaxed atmosphere in which the children can experiment with language without fear of making mistakes. 
You can find an quick overview of our summer programme here. Detailed information can be found in the summer brochure.

Enrolments open!
In these courses the students immerse themselves in the Italian, GermanEnglish and other languages language through playful activities such as singing and games. Focus will be on speaking, reading and writing activities to reinforce their vocabulary and grammar. The activities are adapted to the respective age. For elementary school children, the classification is based on the class attended, for middle school and high school children on the basis of a placement test.

Enrolments open!

Junior, Middle and High School Italian and English
24.07. - 04.08.2023 (9 - 12.30)
​21.08. - 01.09.2023 (9 - 12.30)

Junior, Middle and High School German
​21.08. - 01.09.2023 (9 - 12.00)

Use the prettiest time of the year to learn a language! 
Intensive English, Italian and German courses - online & face-to-face
These courses are designed for you to make a big improvement in a short time. Master in just three weeks what is usually learned in three months. The recipe: two hours every day in either Italian, English or German
Course Model: 15 x 120 minutes, Monday to Friday
Course Start Times: 3rd July, 24th July and 21st August
German Exam Preparation Courses 
These courses prepare you for the officially recognised  language certificates in German -  telc B1, telc B2 or Goethe C1. Practice and improve reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. Our experienced teachers will guide you and give you tips on how to do particular tasks successfully. You will also carry out a complete mock speaking exam.
Course Model: 15 x 120 minutes, 3x/week
Course Start Time: 21st August
Conversation Course: English or Italian
Do you want to keep using your English throughout the summer in a lighter and more entertaining way? In this once-a-week course you will not only have the opportunity to keep practicing your spoken English but also your listening and reading skills too. Using different media sources (videos, articles, podcasts, news items etc) participants will have interesting and motivating topics to discuss together with a variety of vocabulary. 
Course Model: 10 x 120 minutes, 1x/week
Duration: July - September

German and Italian language courses for immigrants 
Immigrants (apart from EU citizens) can attend a course for levels A 1-A 2.

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