Spanish camps 

Español y Cocina

1st  2nd 3rd  4th Primary School
24. – 28.07.2023 a Collalbo/Klobenstein (transfer from Bolzano/Bozen)

In this summer camp the children become the chefs! Under the guidance of a language teacher the participants prepare delicious dishes using a range of ingredients and recipes. From going shopping for the ingredients to the preparation of the individual dishes the children have the opportunity to increase their Spanish language capability. Then at the end of the morning the children all sit down at the table together and enjoy the delicious meal they have prepared (and also tidy the kitchen!). ‘Buen provecho!’ Participants can either meet directly at the Klobenstein Middle School or can be accompanied by a teacher from Bolzano with the Renon cable car (meeting point: valley station). 

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