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English Summer Camps

Due to the corona virus containment measures, we are unable to run our normal summer offer. Therefore to give you and your children the opportunity to immerse yourselves in the world of languages, we are completely changing our summer programme for children and adults, with all courses taking place online this summer. All you need to attend the course is a computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. Here you can find all the necessary information about our offer for summer 2020.


On the road in English

Real English in use in the real world
Target group: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Primary School (giugno) e 4th Primary School + 1st Middle School (July/August)

Climbing, swimming, riding, archery, mini golf, every day a different activity for the children to enjoy. The motto of this camp is: use English having fun! Each excursion is organised to maximise the potential for practising English. Lunch is either eaten in a local restaurant, or packed lunch is provided. Expert mother-tongue language teachers accompany the children throughout the day.

English Holiday Camp

Nature, sport & fun on Renon/Ritten
Target group: 4th 5th Primary School and 1st 2nd Middle School

The picturesque Waldhaus on Ritten is the spectacular location for this amazing summer camp. The children enjoy a wonderful variety of outdoor activities in the local area, such as fun games and sports at the Rittenarena, visits to the swimming pool, and also hikes and creative activities. The children sleep in shared rooms in the newly renovated self-catering Waldhaus where they live together and communicate in English under the guidance of an experienced educational team who ensure the wellbeing and safety of the group. Wonderful new experiences and new friendships guaranteed!

Colourful Cooking

One week of English and Cooking
Target Group: Bolzano/Bozen: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Junior School

In this summer camp the children become the chefs! Under the guidance of a language teacher the participants prepare delicious dishes using a range of recipes and ingredients. From going shopping for the ingredients to the preparation of the individual dishes the children have the opportunity to increase their English language capability. Then at the end of the morning the children all sit down at the table together and enjoy the delicious meal they have prepared (and also tidy the kitchen!) throughout the whole day. Meeting point: at NOI Techpark or in front of the EURAC.

English & Swimming

Two weeks of English and fun in the water at the Egna/Neumarkt, Bressanone/Brixen, Naturno/Naturns or Algund/Lagundo Lido
Target group: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Junior School

A fun swimming and English course outside in the fresh air and sunshine! Language games and movement on the lawns alternate with swimming lessons in English. During the second week the group will go on an excursion. The group are accompanied, taught and supervised by an expert English teacher and a English speaking swimming instructor. In case of rain alternative activities will be organised. Every morning the children can go directly to the Lido, or be accompanied by a teacher to the Lido by from Bolzano or Merano.

Cooking & Experiments in English

 A week of cooking and kitchen experiments in English  
Target group: 4th, 5th Primary School and 1st Middle school

In this camp the children experiment with food and cooking! The little scientist-cooks explore the science of cooking and prepare delicious dishes to enjoy together. Situated in the amazing NOI Techpark, the camp also allows the children to spend lots of time in the open air and practise English in a range of indoor and outdoor activities. The children have the possibility to be accompanied to the NOI Techpark from the parking in front of the EURAC.


Outdoor Games & Swimming

Target group: 1st 2nd 3rd Primary School

Ball games, obstacle courses, swimming and lots of exciting games full of language and movement make up this week of summer fun in the beautiful Andrian/o. The programme is organised and led by an expert English teacher and English speaking assistant. English is the language of communication throughout the day. The children eat lunch at a local restaurant. In case of bad weather the games take place in the school gym.

Mountain Adventure English

Discover the mountains in English!
Target group: 1st, 2nd and 3rd class of Middle school and 1st class of High School

Explore South Tyrol’s wild Mountains with an expert English teacher and English speaking mountain guides. The children have the opportunity to go rock climbing, bouldering and orienteering led by qualified instructors and an expert English teacher who will teach them the technical language necessary to enjoy these sports in English. For lunch the participants will eat packed lunches brought from home.

English & Riding

Gee up!
Target group: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Middle School

This camp is ideal for anyone who loves horses and wants to practice and improve their English. The camp is takes place at Sunny Ranch, Cavareno where the children can immerse themselves in the world of horses: grooming, feeding and (obviously) riding! The riding lessons and all the social activities take place exclusively in English. The children also enjoy a range of evening entertainments and a trip to the swimming pool. The group will stay in the small Stella Alpina guest house. The camp is also open to people with no experience of riding (but who want to learn).

A musical in English!

Acting, singing & dancing - without making a song & dance about it
Target group: 2nd,3rd Middle School and 1st,2nd, 3rd ,4th High School

In these two weeks the participants take centre stage in their own production of a famous musical! In the morning they practice and improve their English by studying the script and learning and practising their parts and rehearsing the songs. In the afternoon they work with the choreographer and director to rehearse on stage. No previous stage experience is necessary, participants only need to have a enthusiasm for singing, dancing and acting! On the evening of the last day family and friends are invited to come and see the final live performance!

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