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Italian summer camps

Due to the corona virus containment measures, we are unable to run our normal summer offer. Therefore to give you and your children the opportunity to immerse yourselves in the world of languages, we are completely changing our summer programme for children and adults, with all courses taking place online this summer. All you need to attend the course is a computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection. Here you can find all the necessary information about our offer for summer 2020.

Italiano & cucina

A week of Italian and cooking
Target group: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Junior School

In this summer camp the children become the chefs! Under the guidance of a language teacher the participants prepare delicious dishes using a range of recipes and ingredients. From going shopping for the ingredients to the preparation of the individual dishes the children have the opportunity to increase their Italian language capability. Then at the end of the morning the children all sit down at the table together and enjoy the delicious meal they have prepared (and also tidy the kitchen!). Buon appetito!

Italiano & circo

One week of Italian and circus skills
Target group: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Junior School

During this fun week of circus skills and language learning the children will become little clowns, acrobats and jugglers! The magic of the circus motivates the children’s language learning. In the morning the children enjoy a range of fun language activities led by an expert Italian teacher. Then, after lunch, professional circus skills instructors, helped by the Italian teacher, transform the children into little performing artists, teaching them a range of circus skills such as riding monocycles, tightrope walking, and using a diablo. Let’s go!

Italiano & nuoto

Two weeks of fun and Italian in the water!
Target group: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Junior School

A fun swimming and Italian course outside in the fresh air and sunshine! Language games and movement on the lawns by the side of the pool alternate with swimming lessons in Italian. During the second week the group will go on an excursion. The group is accompanied, taught and supervised by an expert Italian teacher and an Italian speaking swimming instructor. In case of rain an alternative activities will be organised. Every morning the children can go directly to the Lido or be accompanied by a teacher to the Lido by from Bolzano or Merano.


A fun theatre project in Italian!
Target group: 3rd, 4th, 5th Junior School

Curtains up! In this special Italian course the children are taught by an Italian teacher who is also a theatre expert. Together they develop a story to create a script in Italian. The language is learnt both during various theatrical language games and exercises and through rehearsing for the final performance. The children design their costumes, choose the music and prepare the stage. All in Italian! On the last day the children perform the production for family and

For further information please contact our partner school Urania Meran.

Italian in action

Italian is fun!
Target group: 4th, 5th Junior School and 1st Middle School

Climbing, swimming, creative workshops…everyday brings another fun activity for the children to enjoy because we believe that learning Italian should be fun. The children prepare for the various activities by learning essential functional language in the classroom every morning before using the new language throughout the day.


Italian & adventure in the woods

Bilingual summer camp in San Vigilio/Vigljcoch – Italian in the Woods
Target group: 5th Primary School and 1st and 2nd Middle School 

This camp is the perfect combination of language and nature. The idyllic location above Lana and is completely closed to traffic. Children of Italian and German mother tongue spend a week together living in the Merano Youth Service holiday house. The morning is dedicated to linguistic preparation for the rest of the day. The children enjoy a wide range of fun activities outside in the fresh air, in the woods and around the campfire They work together throughout the day making new friends and helping one another. Special attention is payed to making sure that both languages are practiced and that the children help each other overcome linguistic barriers and learn from each other under the supervision of expert teachers.

All other information on this camp can be found from January on in our coursefinder.

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